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At Downe Primary School, we are passionate about English. We promote a love of reading, writing and drama, as well as equipping children with the phonetical, comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation skills needed to be adept and fluent readers and writers.

The skills that children are taught in Literacy underpin all other subjects. They enable pupils to communicate and express themselves in all areas of their work. Teachers will always make cross-curricular links wherever appropriate and will plan for pupils to apply the skills, knowledge and understanding that they have acquired during Literacy to other areas of the curriculum.

Children at Downe are creative and imaginative writers.  They will have many opportunities throughout the week to write, edit and improve. We follow CUSP reading, writing and spelling programmes. https://www.unity-curriculum.co.uk/more-information/primary/#reading&writing



Research shows that teaching Phonics in a structured and systematic way is the most effective form of teaching young children to read. Almost all children who receive good teaching of Phonics will learn the skills they need to decifer new and unfamiliar words. At Downe Primary School, Phonics in the Early Years is taught on a daily basis and follows the DFE accredited Read, Write, Inc programme. Children are taught the skills for segmenting and blending words and are introduced to new phonemes as part of a systematic synthetic approach. The teaching of Phonics continues in Years 1 and 2 as children are introduced to alternative graphemes, lesser known sounds and begin to learn some of the more complicated spelling rules


Children have many opportunities to write, edit and improve. They are creative and imaginative writers. With links to the rest of the curriculum, we give children opportunities to engage in cross curricular writing. With a good foundation of reading, children are able to access all areas of the curriculum. Through phonics and spelling teaching and learning, children are given the skills to fluently express themselves and articulate their ideas.